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Roller Shutter Service, Assistance, Urgent Repairs, Restoration, and Maintenance

Roller Shutter

Best Installation Service for Various Buildings

Motorised Roller Shutter

Complete Roller Shutter Installation & Support

Transparent Polycarbonate
Roller Shutter

The transparent nature of the polycarbonate allows for natural light to pass through, providing a bright and welcoming environment inside the building.

Perforated Pin Hole
Roller Shutter

Feature small perforations or pinholes throughout the surface, specialized type of roller shutter that is designed to provide both security and ventilation in a building.

Fire Resistant
Roller Shutter

Installed in areas of buildings where fire safety is a primary concern, such as commercial kitchens, factories, and warehouses. Effective barrier against the spread of fire.

Skilled Installation

Highest Quality of Work

TOP MAX SHUTTER ENGINEERING is an established roller shutters company with its core business in installing high quality roller shutters and providing roller shutters repair and roller shutter servicing.

We supply and install various kinds of roller shutters to meet varying demands of our customers. In order to become the leading roller shutter manufacturer & supplier in Malaysia

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Superior materials both in strength and anti-rusts


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